Service and repair

A new pump may not always be the solution. Refurbishment should always be considered as an option to pump replacement, as this can offer economic and practical advantages.

Our experienced engineers have considerable knowledge in repairing most pump manufacturers’ equipment.

We specialize in refurbishing plunger pumps and metering pumps.

Pump repair includes:

  • Complete disassembly & inspection;
  • Full replacement of all defective parts;
  • Pump assembly and Pump Test Bench.

The service group provides warranty and post warranty repairs such as:

  • Repairs pumps & own production equipment;
  • Metering pumps repairs;
  • Plunger pumps repairs;
  • Homogenizers and other equipment.

We supply replacement and spare parts for pumps.


Arkadiy Rozin

Victoria Beylis

Dosing pumps, electric pump aggregates, plunger pumps
Iron Foundry ООО «SamLit» Casting from cast iron and steel, delivery and repair of dosing pumps