Iron Foundry ООО «SamLit»

Our modern and progressive Iron Foundry, based in Samara, Russia, produces casting ranging from 0,5 Kg to 10 Ton and a range of materials which includes iron casting, steel casting, color casting.

Our production:

  • Iron casting weighing from 0,5 Kg to 10 Ton;
  • Blanks for pumping equipment weighing up to 10 Ton;
  • Pump parts for petrochemical industry and land reclamation;
  • Customized casting for non-standard equipment to customers drawings and sketches;
  • Casting for gas compression equipment;
  • Spare parts for boiler equipment;
  • Castings for machine tools;
  • Casting for nonferrous metallurgy;
  • Casting for municipal services;
  • Art casting;
  • Casting for machine building;
  • Cast alloy steel of various grades.

Our company produces and provides service of proportioning pumps and equipment for grinding and mixing mineral raw materials.

ООО «SamLit» repairs and maintains various types of electric pumps.

Years of our experience in the industry allow us to work with a lot of partners and form long term business relationships based on our quality products and services.

Dosing pumps, electric pump aggregates, plunger pumps
Iron Foundry ООО «SamLit» Casting from cast iron and steel, delivery and repair of dosing pumps