Iron casting

Our company produces cast shapes from:

  • Gray cast iron weight from 0,5 Kg to 10 Ton;
  • High-strength cast iron;
  • Low-alloy cast iron such as antifriction cast iron;
  • High-alloy cast iron;
  • Heat- and wear - resistant cast iron;
  • Special cast iron (chromium alloy cast iron and nickel alloy cast iron).

We produce:

  • Customized casting for non-standard equipment according to drawings and sketches provided by customer;
  • Casting for gas compression equipment;
  • Pump parts for centrifugal pumps, console pumps, network pumps, vertical pumps, horizontal pumps;
  • Spare parts for boiler equipment;
  • Spare parts for lifting devices;
  • Casting for machine tools;
  • Casting for nonferrous metallurgy;
  • Spare parts for ventilators;
  • Casting for electrical industry;
  • Casting for municipal services;
  • Casting for machine building.

Dosing pumps, electric pump aggregates, plunger pumps
Iron Foundry ООО «SamLit» Casting from cast iron and steel, delivery and repair of dosing pumps